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Artist Statement

          Examining the components that create the whole is key to understanding what the natural world can offer in lifting and healing the spirit. Appreciating how these pieces complement and support each other is central to the message in my work.  I find a sort of “spiritual grounding” results from exploring smaller pieces of nature – seeing how each color, each line, each shape, each movement contributes to the total structure and flow of an object.  I work mostly with botanicals which, for me, lends itself to expressing the feeling of being drawn deeper and deeper into the world of nature and the feeling of realization and discovery that remains after emerging from that world.

           I use conventional and non-conventional photographic materials to create the seductive aura of nature and its lasting impressions.  I believe that when one is receptive to such an experience, an understanding and, perhaps, appreciation, for the flow of life results.

           Photographing nature and, in particular flowers, quite simply brings me joy. Please allow me to share that joy with you.



Patricia Gunter

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